Droomhuis in de natuur


Pluspuu is a well-designed range of high-end wood houses and modern
cabins that satisfy even the most demanding of tastes. The houses are easily
adaptable to customers’ requirements. A custom Pluspuu log house design
is created in close consultation with our architects who have extensive
expertise in modern log construction. In addition to the design and house
kit itself, we help you to select the best materials and range of construction


The Pluspuu house kits are made by Ollikaisen Hirsirakenne Oy, a company
with over 40 years’ experience of log house construction based in Pirkanmaa,
Central Finland. The company stands for the highest standard of Finnish
woodworking and log construction skills. High quality is guaranteed by
on-site installation by the construction crews authorized by the

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Exclusief PlusPuu dealer van Nederland

PLusPuu is een Finse leverancier van luxe en exclusieve lodges.

Nordic EcoHome is dealer van deze prachtige en rijk uitgeruste woningen. Degelijk, duurzaam en toekomstbestendige huizen uit Finland. Laat u verrassen en vraag de brochure aan.

Een eigen ontwerp kunnen we ook in deze luxe uitvoering leveren. Meer weten? Maak een vrijblijvende afspraak met ons.

PlusPuu is een onderdeel van Ollikaisen. Ook daarvan is Nordic EcoHome dealer.



Made from premium quality finish solid wood

In Finland’s clean forests, pine and spruce grow slowly because of the harsh weather conditions. Trees’ growth period in one year is only 3 months, which means that the
tree grows slow and becomes durable. During nearly 100 years of growth, the wood is toughened in hard frost, rain and storms. This makes it unprecedentedly durable, safe
and healthy building material.

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Ecological Building Material

Wood is 100% a product of nature. It’s undoubtedly the most ecological building
material and using it distinctly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. The production of a wood home consumes less fossil fuels compared to other materials, and the wood waste that emerges as a side product can be further recycled for energy production.

The amount of trees in Finnish forests increases every year. Annual fellings have
for a long time been smaller than growth. And did you know, Finland is the most
forested country in Europe. Forests cover 75 percent of Finland’s geographical area.

Rethink Log House

Pluspuu is all about modern Scandinavian-style log houses. We stand for clear, straight-line design language, good functionality and versatile interior. We are also experts in designing covered outside
living spaces and terraces. We aim to follow the same principles as a bird building its nest– the nest is humble and unnoticeable – you can barely see it, but you can see everywhere from it

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Think of a log house. Think again! Our houses transcend our conventional notions of traditional log houses. The elegant architectural design and modern log building techniques contribute to the
image of a light and modern wooden building.
Durable and proven structural solutions such as sturdy log walls, eaves to protect the walls, and use of glass to allow for indoor-outdoor living and bring light in are a key part of our design principles in
our wood houses. We also prefer durable, ecological and safe Finnish quality products in our material choices.
Pluspuu collection consists of well-designed modern cabins and holiday homes that can be used as a vacation home or a permanent home. Additionally, the houses can be tailored to the customer’s
exact requirements and to fit on-site conditions. We are constantly updating our house collection. Pluspuu log houses are made from premium quality Finnish solid wood for a quality-conscious home builders. Quality that you deserve! Welcome to the fascinating world of Pluspuu!

Ask your Nordic EcoHome dealer for more information!

Markku Miettinen
Founder of Pluspuu

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30 years of experience in
designing and providing
quality log houses.

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